Elsa Gidlow & Druid Heights
Elsa Gidlow & Druid Heights

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Kimberli Munkres/Writer

Kim Munkres is a writer and artist who was born and raised in Northern California where her family has lived for many generations. She has been widely published both professionally and personally.

 She is passionate about creative community building for the cultural arts and is the cofounder of the Redlands Arts Collaborative and Common Ground Conversations. Kim co-founded two women’s creative writing groups, including one that focused on the sacredness of women’s eroticism. As a potter and ritualist, clay roots Kim’s sense of the divine as a shaper of matter, the feminine as a sacred vessel. She is known for her uncommon obvara-fired vessels.

Professionally, Kim is an award-winning Integrated Brand Strategist and writer for ThunderWheel Communications where she works with organizations that change the world. She is the coauthor of “Beyond the Press Release: A Public Relations Handbook for Nonprofits” and lectures on public relations, marketing communications, and brand strategy.

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