Elsa Gidlow & Druid Heights
Elsa Gidlow & Druid Heights

Production Team

Dakota Fine/ Director of Photography

Dakota Fine is a photo/video journalist and documentarian with more than a decade of story-telling experience in both stills and video. Dakota has worked for the Washington Post as a video-journalist, made short films for the Robertson Enterprise Development Fund, and served as Director of Photography for AEG’s concert division, producing content for Goldenvoice. Awarded by FOTOWEEK, in 2017, Dakota’s photography was exhibited at SXSW. Past clients include National Geographic, Travel Channel, The Washington Post and the Human Rights Campaign.

Dakota has been writing and producing short films, creating web-based multimedia content for online distribution, and regularly going out on assignment as a photographer and videographer for publications, political and advertising campaigns, and corporate clients. He is currently living in LA and working for Vice News.

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